1. Great post, Marsha. Audacity is an awesome program with lots of features. I had never heard of Vocaroo before. I am excited to try it out! Your post captures the essence of mobile web tools an their impact on education and learning. With these types of tools, students are able to quickly evaluate themselves and learn in iterations. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is awesome! Great job, Marsha. I love how you’ve embedded the audio clips into your post. To use them to describe the tool itself and to put them in your post to share how they can be used by teachers, this is such a great way to pull it all together. I was excited to hear that this experience was not only useful for you and the students, but also drove them to WANT to do better. You should be proud!

  3. This is such a great post Marsha. It is not only so appropriate for ELL students, but also for any students as the Common Core includes Speaking and Listening standards for all. It was also helpful to read how you walked through the process of selecting these tools (i.e. Chromebooks, reviews on Graphite). Finally, adding in the self-assessment piece is quite powerful. I often wonder how to teach students to give better presentations, because they have a hard time knowing if they are improving or not. Using Audacity or Vocaroo alongside a self-assessment tool would undoubtedly benefit a student as they listen and draw comparisons over time. I look forward to hearing if you choose to use these tools more in your class.

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