1. Janiess Sallee

    I enjoyed reading your post and appreciate the thought and research you put into your topic. Graphic organizers is a particularly timely topic for me as I have a new ELL student, and we just started a new reading unit. I look forward to implementing some of your findings in my own classroom. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have not only carefully thought about tools that would work with your students, but the process with which to use them. Great job. Additionally, your blog is more engaging to read every time I visit! I think the visual inclusions are also really helpful in understanding your thought process. I had no idea that there was a voice activation aspect of Kidspiration. How helpful to know for some of my students as well!

    • Marsha S.

      Thanks for the feedback on the post, Annie. I’m still trying to be mindful on using graphic organizers throughout a lesson. The text structures, like you mentioned, are important for students to learn and apply when they are reading informational text. My 3rd graders will be learning about text structures and features for the rest of the school year!

  3. Great job, Marsha! I really appreciated that you provided a great overview of various graphic organizers that students can use in your class and beyond. In your resolution you made a key point for students to be able to choose which tool works best for them in the given situation. Thanks for your contributions this week and I look forward to hearing more about how your implementation of graphic organizers works and if you discover any others that work better than the ones you mentioned.

    • Marsha S.

      I appreciate your comments, Ryan. After researching digital graphic organizers, I have been introducing them to the ELL paras at my various schools. They are excited about implementing the organizers with the lessons.

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